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Team Swenson Testimonials

My Swenson IL-39 is the finest mitt in material, fit, and function that I've ever played with. Whenever friends and teammates have discussed purchasing a new, professional-level mitt, Iíve referred them to Swenson without any reservation. The IL-39 wonít be retiring any time soon, but it'll be fun to have the CS-19 in the stable as well. Canít wait to rob that next shot up the middle!

Matt Guilfoyle
Bridgetown Thunder, Portland OR


I wanted to give you a little feedback on the glove I purchased for my 8 year old son from you this past spring. This glove is the best piece of leather I have seen on a glove. It took a few months to break in well enough to play with in games but this is now the only glove he uses. Joseph Conti used the Swenson SG9 glove for Team SC try outs and he was not only named to the team but was given the Most Promising Player award as well. Joseph says as long as he plays baseball he will always play in a Swenson glove.

Charles Conti
South Carolina


For the last year I have been using bats, batting gloves, and fielding gloves from Swenson Baseball Company. The comfort, durability, and performance ranks Swenson gear tops on my list. When you buy Swenson merchandise, you know that you are going to get a quality product designed specifically for you. Andy Swenson works extremely hard to make sure that customer satisfaction is his top priority. After all of my experience with the Swenson products, I do not know how I ever played the game without them!! I feel honored to be a part of the Swenson team, and very blessed to be able to represent the name!

Jack Walker
20th Round Draft Pick
June 2009
Washington Nationals


The Swenson gloves are great. The soft leather allows you to break them in fast, so they’re game-ready in no time. As a pitcher, I really appreciate the deep-pocket because it allows me to easily hide my pitches. On top of all that, the glove looks great.

Pete Parise
St. Louis Cardinals' Farmhand


I recently have used numerous Swenson products and stand by all of them as being top of the line at a fair price. I used the MZ6 catchers glove for two years as my game glove, and still am using the batting gloves. It is nearly impossible to find batting gloves that will last as long as these Swenson's will. I usually run through a pair of batting gloves in about 2 months; the Swenson's I still use are 2 years old. I also invested in the Outlaw wood bat noting the solid and reliable composition of the Birch wood.

Marty Mullins
UCSB Baseball
Santa Barbara, CA


I really like using the Swenson glove. It has very soft leather and it seems to last longer than other gloves I’ve owned because of how they’re laced. The durability is unmatched, especially considering the length of a professional season.

Dan Leatherman
Washington Nationals’ Farmhand


I have used Swenson Baseball Co. equipment for 7 years and have used everything from batting gloves, mitts, to wood bats and fungos. They are all made of quality products and are very durable. I still use my mitt from 2003 and have used the same pair of batting gloves for the last 2 years.

Thank you,

Jacob Sutterfield
Boise, ID


I purchased the Swenson WL-40 First Base Mitt before the 2008 season. I have owned the premium gloves and mitts from other major companies and the Swenson mitt is truely a "professional grade" piece. The leather was easy to break in, and easily withstood the wear and tear of a 100+ game season. The company representative was really easy to work with and delivered a high quality product. I will continue to use Swenson gloves in the future.

Our team used the Swenson Batting Gloves through the 2008 season. The team colors came out great, the quality and durablility of these batting gloves were remarkable. The palms and fingers were extremely grippy and did nothing but enhance our team's bat control.

Jason Logan
SPS Softball
Boise, ID


Andy, My new glove performed extremely well all summer. It felt great and looked great as well.

No surprise there though. I got exactly what I expected. This glove was just as good as the other gloves I've ordered from you. The consistency from glove to glove is spot on and break in time is minimal. The leather is outstanding! Which is a huge plus in my book, as I am not a big fan of all the synthetic materials the big companies use in their gloves these days.

You were more than easy to deal with and have been right on the money with suggestions and recommendations. I will definitely continue to endorse your gloves to my buddies as well as anyone else that asks about the glove.

Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to ordering another glove. (Even though I don't need one. Ha, Ha)


Anthony "Big Papa" Feliton
Springfield, MA


I have been extremely pleased with the baseball gloves I have purchased from Swenson Baseball Company. They use nothing but the highest quality of leather in their product and they are custom fit to maximize your playing ability.

Tim Richardson
Cal Ripken Baseball Coach


In terms of cost, comfort, durability and looks ...these quite possibly are the best batting gloves I have worn in 40+ years of baseball !! I would recommend these batting gloves to any player at any level!


Randy Gibson
Boise MSBL 35+ Division