Non-Traditional Colors Available!
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Royal Glove
Royal Glove

Red Glove
Red Glove

Bone Glove
Bone Glove

Silver Glove
Silver Color

Navy Glove
Navy Color
Now you can request non-traditional colors and create a custom glove with a style that's just right for you!

The following non-traditional colors may be requested:
  • Royal
  • Red
  • Bone
  • Silver
  • Navy (dark blue)
These colors may not always be available. We will contact you promptly if we cannot fill your order.

You may request custom colors for these areas of your glove:
  1. BODY of the glove (there is a charge of $20 for non-traditional body colors.)
  2. WEB (no extra charge).
  3. LACES (no extra charge).
NOTE: Traditional brown or black gloves can only have brown, black or bone piping.

To request non-traditional colors, follow these steps when ordering your glove:
  1. In the "Choose Glove Colors" field, select "Non-Traditional."
  2. In the field labeled "Special Requests" type in the color that you want for each of these areas:
    1. Glove Body
    2. Web
    3. Laces
    For example, type this: Glove Body: royal; Web: red; Laces: red
  3. Continue with your purchase as usual.
These colors can make your glove one-of-a-kind! Please Contact Us with any questions.